This Is Interesting: THE MANDELA EFFECT

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  • Arcade-Salad reply nice video when I heard about the Mandela Effect I was really surprised about this whole thing and it is kind of cool but weird too
  • 4real0316 reply Interesting 2 videos with in five minutes put up on both saying it's misremembering and you are wrong if you don't remember where it is today. I disagree I will say it again on this video thousands if not millions of people all across the globe have one set of memories that do not coincide with this reality to say it's a false construct is false. the personal memories from people from all around the globe from their childhood to just a few years ago if somethings changed it is not our memories. This looks like a paid piece to sell "miss information" to try and control and tell us what we should think I agree with everybody that has the same memories with me it's not a mental disorder it is something else I wonder who's paying you just sell this video....
  • RetroBit reply So one of the most popular "Mandela effect" topics which I've actually read VERY deep into was the spelling of a child's book series which I thought was called "The Bearenstein Bears" as a child at the time (In a town of 200 people) the "Jewish" inclination to the last name always set my curiosity ablaze, so how could I forget something so unique to me? Fast forward 20 years and everyone I've ever talked to about the series agreed the name was "Bearenstein" however apparently all this time it's been "Bearenstain". James Rolfe (The AVGN) did a very comprehensive video explaining this effect. It still messes with my mind. Haha.
  • buzzard reply Watch the James Bond movie with jaws as the bad guy his girlfriend had braces when I watched it in the late eighties, now she doesn't
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Everything in this video was making sense until the "sliding through parallel realities". Ugh, our brains are all hardwired to remove pertinent pieces of information after they are no longer useful. But there is one Mandela quote which I carry with me daily, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". You sir, are helping to educate the world one video (and interesting fact) at a time. Thanks for sharing!
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