"These women defend the Islamic laws that rob women of their rights and dignity wherever applied."

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  • EmGreen reply I just see pavlovian conditioning plus stockholm syndrome women . It's classic human conditioning reinforced with stockholm survival skills. Whatever we are exposed to in childhood,(childhood is the programming window) we will grow up to live it and maintain it in adulthood patterns automatically. The mind will do what it is programmed to do until you learn how to change the programming. Religions and education systems are the biggest indoctrinating systems. Families indoctrinate but the less time they spend to together the more this ability is weakened. Physical or psychological trauma is a way of conditioning or re-conditioning quickly.
  • EmGreen reply You know . . . . a soccer team has players which play offensive, some that play defense and some players that play a bit of both . . . despite their positions, they are all still playing soccer. All of these women are wearing team Islam jerseys.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply And can we stop insisting there are peaceful muslims. Until the koran stops telling muslims to kill people there will be killings. after all what happens when "moderate muslims" dont do what the koran tells them to.
  • wolfalexzemla reply People and schools around the world should start teaching their kids that muslims are teaching their kids to cut off their heads
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