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  • [ – ] UKNight0wlgaming reply hope ya reach ur goals, why did i do creations...to help overcome depression...its not goin so well
  • [ – ] YungJ reply I already know your story man :) Glad to see you on this site! :D
    • [ – ] KW-Erion parent reply Yea man, I did not even realize you were over here!!! Bro, we still need to hang out soon!!!
      • [ – ] YungJ parent reply We do man I've just been busy with life and it's easier to make videos on Vidme. We should hang in discord sometime tho and just talk :)
  • [ – ] dariojames reply Love Your Face!!! I was an Early YouTuber and I miss the old community feel.
  • BeerXStreaming reply Awesome video. Your content creations are very inspirational. Keep up the great work. I got into content creation to make people smile. It is great to know you can go online and find inspiration and people who make your day a little more enjoyable.
  • [ – ] doomx2001 reply Hey @KW-Erion! Just found your channel. I guess my question for you is what are some of your personal goals you've set for yourself? I always enjoy hearing what people aspire and strive for. As far as to why I'm on Vidme and I'm a content creator.......well, I really, really, really, really want to be a comic book artist. I'm trying to motivate myself to do the work that needs to be done to become a comic book artist. So I decided to do the 100 Days of Making Comics challenge. It's a challenge where for everyday (or close too it) I will draw at least 30 minutes a day (or write, color, ink, letter,...etc) on my comic, and to hold myself accountable, I will upload a video of my progress or lack thereof. So far it's going good. And sticking with content creator theme, I want to upload different content for my varied interest (music, comics, books, wrestling, martial arts, horror...etc). That is why I am on Vidme. It's been a really good experience for me. I really like the community...more here.
    • KW-Erion parent reply Some of my personal goals are to continue to be able to provide for my wife; I am also looking to get a job that I want, I enjoy being retired from the Army but I would come out of retirement for the job. I love being a broadcaster. I def want to continue being able to do that. And I guess one of the biggest goals I have for myself is to finish these last seven college classes I have.
  • [ – ] Prepperian reply Hey KW. Welcome to VidMe! <3
  • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV reply Glad to know you!
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