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Vidme is building the world's most creator-friendly community. A key part of that is promoting and empowering creators that make their own unique and authentic original content. If you're making original content, you may be eligible for channel verification. Verified channels get these benefits on Vidme:

  • No duration limit on video uploads.
  • Video uploads can be up to 20GB each.
  • Videos will play back in full 1080p HD.
  • Ability to publish your videos to categories, making them much more discoverable.
  • Ability to collect tips (actual $) directly from fans.
  • Ability to delete unwanted comments on your own videos.
  • Much higher likelihood of having your videos and channel featured.
  • More prominence in search results and other discovery sections around Vidme.
  • Potential to be selected as an early partner for our monetization program.
  • A snazzy badge on your channel page letting everyone know you're the real deal.

We have lots of other new benefits for verified channels coming soon. If you want to apply for verification, shoot us an email with your Vidme channel link and links to any channels you already have on other platforms.

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