Germany: 1st TV Channel hates upon AfD

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  • [ – ] jgibbon61 reply Saying "on the back of" is an way of saying exploiting people or events in English lol you had it right the first time. If that's an expression in German than English shares the exact same turn of phrase!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for telling me that. I thought it was a German metaphor. I looked it up now. You are correct, it is the same in English and in German.
  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply Turn up the volume to hear a good robust belly laugh.
  • [ – ] KeyMarcoCat reply If there is no Jamaica coalition then there are reelections. And in this case the system makes as much propaganda against AfD as possible!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I agree. And the idiots who voted for either Merkel, or for the tree-huggers, or for the libtards hate each other, hahaha. I do not trust the socialists, however. These traitors will do everything to stay in power, so there may be a grand coalition again.
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