Time to be a Lawyer! | Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney #1

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  • [ – ] evilguacamolegaming reply He often wins due to strange circumstances but it's not fair to say he's completely incompetent. He's always facing unbelievably bad situations and the deck is, in general, loaded against him. He's very determined and I think it's fair to say that he earns the assistance he gets.
    • ShadezDaninja parent reply You're right. Everything is stacked against him, but he should still know things like what a cross examination is and how to question a witness...and he probably read mia's books
  • [ – ] evilguacamolegaming reply I like the set up. Very nice.
    • [ – ] ShadezDaninja parent reply Thank you my friend! Kinda took a note from Coco's set up cause I liked how clean it looked. Also made that galaxy background myself a while back...its 4k cause...i felt like it
      • evilguacamolegaming parent reply Nice. I am a fan of space backgrounds. I made one myself that has many hidden cameos in my work. It's two planets I made ages ago in photoshop using nothing more than a photo of pavement I took and lots of editing.
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