Hey High School Students- Education In Ontario Is Useless

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  • RobPayne reply I guess I must be one of the last people in Ontario to get a decent education. I went to school in the 60's and early 70's when the lords prayer was the first thing we did followed by Oh Canada. We learned history, English, Math and science in my public school and followed by more in high school. I was also taught to use my own head to analyze what I was reading and to do research on the subjects that I was being taught. We never got anything spoon fed to us and I am glad that I was taught that way as it now enables me to research everything because what you hear may not be exactly right. By doing a little research and some critical thinking you can get a much better grasp of the subject at hand. But what I see now is no real homework and seldom a note taken and everything they want you to know is in the handouts they give you. They don't encourage you to do your own research, even though that is where the bulk of your education comes from or at least mine did. And now after 60 odd ye...morears I am what many would call a skeptic as I don't take anyone's word for anything I take in the opinions of those I speak with and then start researching the subject and that is what I use to form my opinion. Is that not the way we should all do it ????
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