I Might Have A New Phone :D

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply I have a camera that doesn't have a screen and I gotta put a mirror behind the camera to see what's on the rear screen when recording my self lol.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply @PieAndLove latest vlog made a point about her OST content creating versus update videos that i don't entirely nod my head for. I find that since, for example, very lately newly following a channel with a niche similar to yours, @MarziPandorica, i would actually find myself intentionally seeking out any videos that obviously unveil the creator and their life story as opposed to simply seeing what they're made of for the sake of effective use upon video hosting, which at least initially isn't what Vidme is supposed to be all about. Now, this doesn't mean that my daring choice to unfollow you and @Rawman on Vidme, but still have the bell notifications, even, still activated for @WebNoob and @thy_koosk (the irony here being that i may actually have more interest in say rawmans content than web noob at certain times), is fully reasonable... But i still think i know what I'm doing. The thing is that i was already here to hear about your phone loss last month as implicatively described fo...morer the new phone in this video too, and when i make the effort to manually look up creators that i already know are very good at content, i am no fool. The most relevant thing even insightful ol' me could say at this point about your not-actually-pointless clip is just to setup security settings in ways more than one early on in its data plan and/or hardware life, you've seen a physical way for devices to go defunct and know better in a optimistic light what to do now, but it's not just about solving problems with linear direct end-all's... It never is. ;)
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply My channel is the worst I want all to unfollow lol. Memes for the win!
    • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply Stop tagging/ @ ing me
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply My bad man, I've done it so far only twice over for your channel on Vidme and i actually had a bad feeling you weren't entirely up for it prior to being that reckless for the heck of it. Rocky was amongst the first to do the harmless harrassing referral joke when it came to rawman's channel and I've had the peer pressure to kick into that as well ever since albeit nowhere as frequent as rocky himself towards Rawman, but i must have slipped and assumed you would be okay with the monotony but i do try to understand incase if you have no patience for my crap, not a lot of Vidizens completely like what i am.
        • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply It's ok and thank you for understanding. I just have no interest to be tagged in a video comment thread that has absolutely nothing to do with me.
          • [ – ] nodetact parent reply That analogy was actually about both you and Sam's content creations being in the pop cultural ideology... But, to each their own.
            • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply You making an analogy that relates to me, isn't a reason to drag me into the conversation. But as I said it's fine, it would just be appreciated if you don't do tag me anymore
              • [ – ] nodetact parent reply This is certainly what makes my choosing to not follow sam and following your channel so diabolical, i quench my abilities and gifts by both power hunger and giving back to the world around me, but a Vidizen such as yourself who specifically does collabs with numerous other creators without asking for any attention at all from others suggesting it is not common for strange folk like myself. And I'm not kidding about the loneliness i cope with by tagging Rawman whom I'm VERY comfortable being around even though i also refuse to follow his channel on Vidme, as well as how I'm slightly concerned for your personal opinions even if you know i don't have to be like this. If you ever think to watch any video on my channel, get to the last forty seconds of my #introduceyourself forth video... listen closely to the speech. You'll figure me out i hope.
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