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  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply It is absolutely untrue and you can tell this by the kind of person who claims to be a 'psychic medium' typically a bored middle aged person with not much in the way of career prospects. As you have pointed out it only takes a few minutes of analysis to deconstruct their morbidly disgusting routine to reveal the truth of what they are doing and they get away with it because they prey on people feeling vulnerable and lost, people who focus on looking for closure and feel they cannot find this without the aid of an affordable expert, so they are unaware at the time of what this 'expert' is doing to them. As you can tell from the notifications I'm really enjoying your videos they are great to listen to nice one!
    • AntGetsWhat parent reply I would love to know if any 'mediums' truly believe in what they do. And I would have liked to have interviewed one to get their perspective on it but I doubt any would give their time freely. Thanks for the comment.
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