TIME ATTACK Episode 3 - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Nice to see one of my favorite games got the Time Attack treatment. Fun Fact: Vivian (the shadow siren that joins the party) is actually transgender in all but the english and german versions of the game, essentially they'd refer to themselves as female while everyone else referred to them as male including the sisters.
  • [ – ] TheShadowHatter reply Rewatching these I just realized and love the fact that it has a sequential order to it and there's a story happening within the Time Attack show itself. Really awesome to see especially if you take notes from Tonnami's "The Intruder" series and you use the backstory to introduce newer things you do in the show. Keep it up Jeremey! you're doing a FANTASTIC job!
    • [ – ] TerminalMontage parent reply ;) Thank you! I'm editing the next episode now, and wrote like half of Episode 6. Ep 5 will be out this month, hopefully in the next week and a half or so!
      • TheShadowHatter parent reply Definitely looking forward to checking it out! hope this series continues to grow and you end up making like 3+ Seasons at the very least!
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