Four - James Renna

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  • BobRossiest reply ah :) I've always loved jazz, but don't have the patience to learn to play any. great song and video <3
  • DirtyFingers reply Well I'm a musician so I have to lean towards the music. I also love gaming but it seems everyone has a gaming channel :)
  • [ – ] DirtyFingers reply Real smooth!
    • Mister_Jamesss parent reply Thanks Friend :) Im still figuring out my channel. I cant decide to upload more material like this or do video game covers. Any thoughts?
  • Mister_Jamesss reply Thank you for the comment! :) I understand, music in general takes a lot of time and energy. For something like Classical or Jazz I'd recommend starting small like a beginners book. If you need any help Feel free to reach out! :)
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