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Graecia "Liberata" - Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History (Part 44)

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April 4 2017

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Video description: Topics: Roman Expansionism, Macedonian Wars, Syrian War, Third Punic War, Death of Hannibal Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History (Part 44) with Dan Attrell In this lecture series presented by The Modern Hermeticist, historian Dan Attrell cruises through the centuries and millennia, starting around the year 5000 BC and working his way down to our times, to provide listeners with a 'big picture' of history. The 'exoteric' portions of the Encyclopedia Hermetica cover major events and trends in politics, art, philosophy, religion, science, and more, in order to provide listeners with a more 'traditional' historical framework. This romp through the ages, however, serves a dual-function as a vehicle for imparting teachings vis-a-vis the 'esoteric' dimensions of history which one cannot learn in school. The discussions are punctuated by an honest and 'alternative', no-holds barred commentary that delves off into subjects such as the occult, mysticism, and mind control, and how these topics stand in connection with the way the past has unfurled, and the way we continue to interpret those events to this day. This is done to provide listeners not only with a basic chronology of events in the history of Hermeticism, but with a veritable 'cosmology' in the spirit of a liberal education... Don't forget to subscribe to the channel for updates to the show. For more information on Dan Attrell and The Modern Hermeticist, or if you’ve found any value in the work and have the means to spare a few bucks through Paypal, please visit - I appreciate any and all donations, feedback, questions, comments, etc. I read everything, but my ability to answer is contingent on how busy I am at the time. If you happen to be a student and you need to buy textbooks, get them through this link here since it helps support my work. Join Audible through here ( for unlimited audiobooks and this likewise supports my work. ************************************** Check out my books: Shamanism and the Mysteries: A Brief History of the Cult of Ecstasy - Paperback: - eBook: On Meditations On Meditations (On meditations) (...Probably On Meditations Too) - Paperback: - eBook: Other Relevant Books: - The Hermetica: - Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of Humanity (David Christian):

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