WE MUST STAY HIDDEN!! / Little Nightmares #2

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply "why don't you be youuuuuuuuu " Great stuff human! I'm going to get Little Nightmares today cause I loved Inside, Limbo and other similar games. This one looks a bit different but still very fun? The art design looks very nice you know? It makes me as a sheep very scared but in a good way! Especially the long armed funny creature. I see on YouTube you also did a Let's Play of Heavy Rain!! I loved that game, even with its flaws. Still one of the best from that creator. Wasn't really a big fan of Beyond Two Souls --- although Indigo Prophecy was great. Have you tried that game before? Finding you on YT now too! Just followed you here!
    • ItsJustRage parent reply Thank you so much man! Feel free buddy it is an amazing game I'm enjoying it so far! Yeah haha it is a great but sad game and I wanted to try Beyond Two Souls but from what I've heard it's not good and I haven't tried Indigo Prophecy yet! Awesome dude thank you I followed you back! 😄👍🏻
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