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  • duffy reply brings me back!
  • Critical_Thinker reply Sponge bob was great but has gone sour over time like like the simpsons, only so much you can do with the characters before it get old and repeatative.
  • RetroBit reply Born in 88' so I grew up with classic nick toons and hot damn, it still holds up so great to date. So many hidden jokes meant for an older audience that you don't realize until you come back to it years later. I would give Sanjay & Craig a fair shot, I watched it when it first debuted and laughed my ass off.
  • benrob0329 reply 90s, or early 2000s? Many things associated with the 90s are really from both.
  • Menalium reply Try telling the kids that LOL
  • smolbeans reply kenan & kel and the amanda show! wow those were seriously my childhood. such a nostalgic flashback. i dont remember the last time i even watched anything on nick
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