FCC Chair's Comments on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Analyzed

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  • Ripnow reply Amazon launching a "day of action" on Net Neutrality tells you all you need to know about the Neutrality of Net Neutrality. My theory is that Net Neutrality is a roundabout way the corporations are going to get the cost of high bandwidth shifted onto the public.
  • [ – ] WanderingWeavile reply Honestly, your ideas are terrible. I don't trust the corporations at all, but I don't understand how people trust the same corrupt government as well.
  • Edalwulf_Bergmann reply >foot is on the other shoe
  • scheldon202 reply this remember my back in 2011, AT&T trotling torrents
  • DoMiNeLa10 reply Yes, your channel is blocked on YouTube in Poland right now. I woudln't have known if I haven't checked, because I don't use YT directly nowadays. This makes me sick, and I thought things were so bad only in Germany.
  • MGTOWLIFE reply wtf blocked in Poland??? lol weird any reason why?
  • Kaladesh reply Sounds like they need to sit down and watch Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country. It basically goes into all of this. Kirk and Crew hated Klingons, but they still did their mission of peace. They didn't act on their hateful thoughts. When others did, they moved to stop it. Does this sound familiar?
  • Rodzilla5332 reply The issue is the smaller isp’s in rural are the ones that get hurt. The big guys can afford whatever. If google is in favor of net neutrality then I’m automatically against it.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Repeal it -- Title 2 regulations -- Left doesn't know anything but communism
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