Theocratic Marxist Catholic Pope Doesn't Like Libertarianism... Boo Hoo Hoo

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  • SkogComplex reply No warning about an invasion of radical muslims but, no they must be welcomed into your homes, but best be afraid of those libertarians !?!? I'd like to smash this pope's head with a Mjolnir.
  • SkogComplex reply Styx, man, enough telling about how they 'reallly don't like the third world' . Yeah, we know, but this sewage rat just said 'libertarians are invading' European countries ? And he's told Europeans to allow hostile, adult age, invaders with an alien and hostile creed into their homes ? I wish many times worse on him than I do Kim Jong Un ffs.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hollywood has portrayed the Christian religion in a bad light and the Pope hasn't helped, His policies of inviting in Muslim Extremists into the Catholic church to hold prayers isn't what is in the bible. That is covered in the bible where they worshiped other Gods in the Temple Ezekiel 8:16 This pope does little to forward the protection of Christians persecuted in the Middle East but goes out of his way to protect ISLAMIC religion. He has forgotten the past the battle of Vienna and WW2 when the nation of ISLAM joined Germany.
  • YgorDon reply Hi Styx please check this, an insider interview with a guy who exposes who is behind many such organizations. A must see:
  • valereth reply If htey left are so anti war, why the fuck were they so silent during the last 8 years
  • GoldGoatsNGuns reply This pope reminds me of Fr. Guido Sarducci's Pope on a Rope more than a religious leader. Benedict would have welcomed a little individualism returning to Europe. No wonder he's not there anymore.
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