North Korea "Humanitarian Aid," United Airlines, & Sean Spicer Misstep | Liberty Update 30

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Had to follow and upvote your opinion on censorship.
  • LeonLaGrey reply Shia LaBeef's HWNDU episode never ends to tickle me badly, I swear this is a long four years for him hahaha! xD
  • Vegasbob reply The church or S@tan thing drives me nuts. It fuels the "outcast stoner, sovereign citizen" narrative used to dismiss Libertarians. Mah Road? I just mailed Mah property tax check to pay for Muh pothole ridden road. The TRUTH is that the LP is a collective of people who want freedom but aren't all required to line up behind issues like the Hillary-Bots (Ignoring what ever isn't spewed at them by MSNBC) or people pretending to be members of the Christian Coalition who believe it's still 1955. The basis of the LP is "Collective Individualism" (I hope so anyway.)
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply North Korea is what Antifa would look like if it had a country. But it does: it's North Korea, so I guess not so hypothetical.
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply That is the best analogy I've ever heard, and it's 100% accurate. Watching the Day of the Sun Military parade was just so strange and surreal.
      • [ – ] madel_schmadel parent reply I now, it was so odd to watch. And you know everyone there - or nearly everyone - is there doing it because they're too terrified of their leaders not to. It's kind of a grim circus.
        • LibertyDoll parent reply Definitely. One of my favorite things is to watch crazy North Korea documentaries and the people always look so frightened
  • [ – ] TechyFarm reply This robot loves Liberty Doll show;)
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