It's a Scam - NFL and Professional Sports

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  • [ – ] dSims reply Glad your so awake to world events. I only just started thinking like that a couple of years ago, and I am much older than you. Good message and video. MainStreamMedia, Hollywood, and Professional sports, are all pretty much owned, and manipulated by globalist minded individuals that think we the people are contaminating their planet, and must go in vast numbers. Entertainment is one of their vehicles of manipulation.
    • Desolator2B parent reply Thank you for watching! I'll have a lot more content coming soon breaking down all the media lies and the UN pushing world government through Snapchat. Absolutely incredible stuff, I can't believe we've gotten to this point to tell you the truth. Keep your eyes peeled and if there's a particular topic you'd like to see me discuss then just send me a message!
  • [ – ] nomadic reply Hey! I was only giving my OPINION your entitled to think whatever you like, I am not trying to sell you anything....sorry I posted anything thought you were cool, but I see clear now...
    • Desolator2B parent reply Was I being rude? I apologize if I came off a bit brash but I just personally can't make that assumption. I would need more evidence to support the idea that George Takei staring at the pizza boys dick was related to Pizzagate. Takei is definitely a weird guy though, and Pizzagate is real but I couldn't prove without a doubt that he's involved or Pizzahut is involved for that matter.
  • [ – ] nomadic reply Sports is meant to distract males from politics, the only winners are the NFL and the programing from commercials, White Men dumb, All woman and other colors Smart. Like a cat will chase a toy mouse instead of actually hunting the real one we are being treated like cats chasing a toy instead of doing what were meant to do. Did you like the pizza hut comm. George staring at the pizza boys crotch, playing ping pong, guess it has noting to do with pizzagate...right?
    • Desolator2B parent reply I literally just watched the commercial, I wouldn't go as far as to say it has something to do with pizza gate but I wouldn't doubt completely rule it out. It's just a little bit of a far stretch for me to make though. Pizza gate is definitely legit though, no doubt about it.
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