Miyamoto Regrets Minecraft, Starfox, and Pikmin

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  • Cheatyhotbeef reply @DBFig Is there a card stronger than Magma Rager? And I'm referring to a Don Han'Cho'd, Blessed Champion'd Magma Rager, with a pre-nerfed Master of Disguise stealth, a Wee Spellstopper on one side, a Dire Wolf Alpha on the other side, an Ancestral Spirit, a Murloc racial tag, golden animations, a pre-nerf Blood Imp supporting it, with Windfury, Charge, Taunt and Divine Shield, Deathrattle: Replace your hero with the above-described Magma Rager?
  • DBFig reply @cheatyhotbeef LOL
  • Cheatyhotbeef reply Miyamoto salty about Minecraft LUL He missed the opportunity xD
  • DBFig reply Thanks for watching DB News!
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