No More Room In Hell With Friends (Gaming Randomness)

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply I always love watching people play horror FPS games, I'm horrible at anything scary cause I instantly panic and run away let also shoot accurately. Good job for killing all the things Comander. It looked so fun. You're great at making games look super attractive and selling them to me 😄
    • Comander-O parent reply Well I'm not a huge horror fan myself but something about playing them is fun in an odd way. Also don't know how I make games seem interesting to you since I just play about any game with a REALLY open mind set before going into them. Especially if I can get my friends to join me then they usual do something silly on their own. Glad you enjoyed this though! :D
  • [ – ] Kualdir reply Your camera should be a little to the right it leave too much open space ;) nice video dude!
    • [ – ] Comander-O parent reply Thanks for the suggestion so I'll keep that in mind once I make any new videos! Would have replayed sooner but I was just a bit to busy getting videos done but I'm glad you like this video anyways. :)
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