It's Not An Algorithm, It's a Blacklist (And I'm On It)

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  • [ – ] PhantomVigilante reply FUCK Google. They need a healthy dose of bankruptcy.
    • [ – ] astraleyes parent reply Switched to Duck Duck Go for my search and switching to VidMe. If you have any suggestions for browsers, I'm all ears. I'm hearing mixed things about Firefox.
  • [ – ] Menexus reply I have 2 youtube accounts, one I never use. When I started noticing some of my comments were being shadowbanned from the public, I started testing the AI. About half my comments are regularly instantly shadowed, but when I use my second account to leave a comment, it always appears, no matter how vile the comment is. I feel like they've isolated certain users and imposed higher restrictions on what we're allowed to say compared to those who parrot an approved narrative.
    • Menexus parent reply Edit, my second account is not subscribed to anyone, so he's right in saying they might also censor people based on their affiliations... the Shives treatment perse.
  • [ – ] Appz_ reply Already followed you here to Once over 60% over my subs move here or Minds I'm just going to close my YouTube account. It was a fun ride (been on it since '06) but if random nobodies like me cant even leave a comment then why bother?
    • [ – ] Nicodemous52 parent reply I didn't shut down my account, but I did unsub from everything and I don't plan on being a regular anymore. I started weening myself off of YouTube a couple of weeks before they announced this coming limited state bs. I also started my account in '06, but I was never a content creator. Just a guy that had replaced TV with YouTube.
      • Appz_ parent reply Same here. It's really hard to go back to TV when all the best stuff is online now anyway. Hopefully we'll say the same thing about YT in a few years. Hard to go back when all the best channels are on
  • TheGamingCentaur reply This makes me worried about the future of the internet as a whole, and the future of small upstarting content creators like myself. It creates this fear of being censored for stating an opinion/criticism, and I hate it so fucking much. Stuff like this is only going to make the divide between the parties even worse when I just want there to be the calmer side of them to be more prominent. More and more I find myself agreeing with Dishonored Wolf's video "JK Rouling and The Left vs The Right" It just sickens me how worse it keeps getting. Just give everyone a voice, fuck your political views being shoved into everyone's throat, and just give people all of the facts and opinions. Stop fucking censoring everything like a kid with a sledgehammer on a sugar rush.
  • ChadMedia reply Fuck Youtube at this point. They went all in with SJWs and they will soon suffer the consequences of censorship and blacklisting to further an agenda.
  • JonTheBemused reply #GoogleAreEvil
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply I welcome this shit. The sooner people bail on Youtube and stop using google, the sooner it all becomes apparent that Google is sacrificing profit for political correctness. Either the shareholders will fire the CEO and change this or they'll confirm it and watch that share price drop like a fucking rock. They deserve it.
  • DynastyStar reply Its shit like this that I came over to Vidme for.
  • Auceza reply It's a manhunt. Surprise, surprise. The Google SJW Ph.D. is too stupid to devolop a sophisticated algorithm.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply So the whole time the 'algorithm' was just an excuse to say "the AI/Computers did it", didn't know they could be disgusting in so many ways at the same time.
    • Razzoriel parent reply "The algorithms did it" is a fun way of saying "we hired someone to code an algorithm the way we wanted, and is working as expected".
  • Deadjosey reply My videos are being flagged for inappropriate content I make comic dubs that are vanilla at best if I do cuss in a comic its usually one word and sometimes there is no cussing at all the youtube algorithm is broken as hell.
  • elgabowsky reply If you have ever seen the automatic subtitles generated by yt you know that speech to text recognition is still in it's infancy. Even If you're manually added to a blacklist, it's still in the interest of creating a bot to do this. They'll probably use the complaints they'll receive as a way to fine-tune it as well. They're looking for traits that identify you for wrongthink, and I'm sure that not only association to other channels (which is the birth of the pagerank algorithm back in the day), but past videos as well. My guess is there is a ranking of "naughtyness" somewhere, and you're high on it.
  • [ – ] Gazeth_Sonica reply .. and thats why i watch you on vidme and unsubbed on youtube.
    • Dapperchap parent reply I'm still subbed just so I can get some warnings. Only because i'm waiting for the mass exodus to occur. Too many are moving too slowly on this opportunity to signal discontent to youtube and google or to strengthen this platform!
    • TwoCatsYelling parent reply I've closed all my google accounts and will only watch videos there now that I can't find elsewhere. Done with their nonsense.
  • Gelbfur reply Liberals have to use censorship and blacklists BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEIR ARGUMENT IS SHIT
  • RoboLynx reply I'm sure @ComputingForever would find this very interesting.
  • VarietyGamer reply Fucking google, we're with you 100% Razor. This is a bleak time but we will get through it.
  • guild_of_fools reply Just made the jump to today. Now my only interaction with Youtube will be when I drink from my giant goblet of schadenfreude in its honor.
  • seinfan reply Political lethargy for decades has created a power vacuum that sucked in the most toxic parasites. This is the first symptoms of the cancer. Plenty more to come.
  • smidge_tv reply Youtube is totally disgusting
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