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  • silverdragon reply The worst exposition example is the exposition character, that has no personality and is just there that the guy who does the exposition can talk to him. Example: Isurugi Camice from gundam ibo.
  • [ – ] silverdragon reply Can you upload your book overviews?
  • silverdragon reply This is a legendary scene in fate zero
  • LordTerminal reply That wasn't the message of SAO. SAO doesn't really HAVE a message.
  • AManNamedRJ reply So, do you Consider Hunter x Hunter's exposition porn a "good", or a "bad" thing using these criteria? Me personally, I always saw it as Psuedo-intellectual autofellatio that over-explains basic concepts to give only a superficial appearance of being smart when it only exists to hold the audience's hand and make them feel SUPUR SMRT!! for being able to patiently read 700000 lines of "Tell dont show."
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