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  • JonTheBemused reply Lol. You have to love all lower case writing. I read your guest's name as Viper's Word, not Viper Sword.
  • JonTheBemused reply "That's why I don't want to be represented in commercials...". Don't worry mate, you won't be. Just as I have never been. I relate to approximately 0.00001 % of all adverts I have ever encountered. The vast majority are simply superficially vacuous, transparent, manipulative or simply obnoxious. But people like us are too much of a minority for the advertisers to care about. They only want masses, not minorities. And I suspect that you are like me in being too poor to be of interest to niche advertisers. The difference is that, unlike those two wankers, we don't want to be represented.
  • JonTheBemused reply I'm 5 minutes in and this is 100% cancer. Is there anything so trivial that these utter wankers won't complain about. Whinging for a living is no way to run a channel. At least get a sense of fucking humour. And could Ash look any more smug. Sorry, but I really hate it (fuck it's pronouns). I've been depressed this week, and this doesn't help. Crack more jokes. I need fun not cancer. I've enough of that IRL. Next time, may I request you don't include those two talking. Just playing farting noises over the top. It would make more sense and be nicer to listen to. Sorry for complaining, but I love you videos and this one is just so depressing.
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