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  • HELLTOPAY reply It was a great rally!
  • Vidmefan101Z reply Hey all Miners in WV are the same colour after a days work, and thanks to Donald J. Trump 45 more of them have Jobs and a chance to give their families a good living.
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Main Stream Media in the Bay Area MUTED the Trump Rally! I caught most of it on Sirius XM Radio.
  • tonywarren reply Can u make a simple name insteas of ukharleyrider45789326
  • GinoForever2017 reply Gabor didn't you back up all 18,000. It is so important to keep everything because of the hate against us...
  • GinoForever2017 reply I am not buying anything anymore. The system is corrupt.
  • [ – ] GlobalProBlack reply You can have that opportunist governor, he was a republican first. After that he turned to a democrat. This goes to show that political parties mean nothing, the only party is white supremacy.
    • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Since I can't attach a link here, I'll give you the title of the 6 minute video. 'PragerU: "The inconvenient truth about the Democratic Party." Go watch this video, if you're so interested in the races so much.
      • GlobalProBlack parent reply You white supremacist love playing the white supremacy hot potato. Where you point the fingers to other white supremacist. When all of you are the same.
    • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Maybe you should do some research before you go blindly following which political party you've been told to follow. It's 2017 and time for you to grow a brain. Barry Soetoro never knew what oppression was and neither did his husband Michelle, big Mike. And FYI black victimization is a myth. It's not the 60s anymore. Didn't we just have a black president for 8 years? Do you honestly think that 13%of the country put him there? Grow up. Here's a video that may interest you, since all you see is race:
      • [ – ] GlobalProBlack parent reply Yes a black president and looked who replaced him. And both parties are team white supremacist. Nice try though.
        • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply That's funny I'm a white supremacist. Well let me make your black self even more mad. My wife is black and my kids are mixed. Oh and my wife also voted for Donald Trump, and she was a conservative before we met, because she actually has a brain and isn't filled with hate.
          • GlobalProBlack parent reply So your whole the democrats are the real racist argument isn't going to work with me because democrats and republicans at the end of the day are team white supremacy.
          • [ – ] GlobalProBlack parent reply Did you not look at my comment, I said I agree. BOTH parties are filled with white supremacist. And I could care less about black wife and mixed kids. You can STILL be a white supremacist. Nice try again...
            • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Hey retard, the whole purpose of white supremacy is to preserve the white race, or one of the reasons. How exactly does a white supremacist do that when they mix with blacks. NICE TRY! BTW dumb ass, this is the last comment I'll be responding to. I'm deleting this bullshit app. I only downloaded it to watch this guy's videos and he said he's done.
              • GlobalProBlack parent reply And the fact that you're name calling just shows you know you're losing.
              • [ – ] GlobalProBlack parent reply Sir, you can still be a white supremacist. Have a nice life! And I don't even know how true that is. You white supremacist live to lie.
                • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Hey you foolish black supremacist! Tell me, where is the all white colleges, where are the all white fraternities at, where's the White Entertainment Television network? Yeah, real racist society we're living in. Take your hate-filled self on. All you've done is degrade the level of conversation here. Just because I've called you a retard, doesn't mean I'm losing any debate. I'm calling it as I see it! And you can thank Gabe Zolna for this response. I checked to see if he posted another video and redownloaded the app. As I said before, one of the reasons white supremacist don't mix with blacks, is because they're babies don't come out white when they do, dumb dumb. It's not the same for a black supremacist such as yourself. If you have a baby with a white woman, the world will see a black child. Black supremacist procreate with white women, and you're conflating white supremacists with black supremacists.
                  • [ – ] GlobalProBlack parent reply If black supremacy exist point to any groups of whites who are denied housing, jobs, education, and fair justice by blacks.
                    • ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply I can't see your comments. I also can't see last few comments either. Don't know if you can see them. But I'll also point out the fact that you also never answered me if you would've voted for Ben Carson or not. The fact that you didn't answer tells me that you wouldn't have. So there goes your whole pro black out the window, and further shows what side you swing for; the left. As I said, systemic racism is a myth. Stop whining! Americans, even black Americans, are tired of hearing that lie.
                    • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Don't know what my messages for deleted. But let's try this again! I'm not dumb enough to fall for your tactics. What you're talking about is systemic racism. There's a difference between a supremacist and systemic racism. BTW let me educate you on something else. A black person can open up a business and hire only blacks. Can a white person can't open up a business and hire all whites. Black victimization is a hoax. YOU'RE NOT A VICTIM! Get over yourself! How did all the successful black people make it in this country? Stop creating excuses for yourself!
                    • [ – ] ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Oh, let me school you on something else cupcake. You can own a business and hire all blacks. Can you do the same with all whites?! No!
                      • GlobalProBlack parent reply And if blacks can open up a business and only hire blacks, you should be able to name a white person who has been subject to this right? Lol your argument makes no sense. Also you say supremacist and systematic racism isn't the same thing. But at the same time said blacks can open up a business and hire only blacks. That's systemic racism, sir.
                      • GlobalProBlack parent reply That's exactly what I thought, have a nice life!
                    • ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Oh let me school you on something else, cupcake. You can own a business and hire all blacks
                    • ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply My my, why don't I point that finger right back at you. Show me what group of blacks are being denied the very things you're talking about. Did you know that "affirmative action" politics has done nothing to help the black community? It gives blacks positions they don't deserve, and receive acceptance to schools the ought not be going to, because they haven't put in the hard work. Did you know that whites and Asians have to work harder to get positions that blacks receive simply for being black. BTW aren't you a black supremacist? Look at your handle "GlobalProBlack" no you're not a black supremacist. What a joke! Now you're comparing black systemic racism to black supremacists. I'm not dumb enough to fall for your tactics. Now you'll try and tell me how the justice system is designed to keep blacks down. Well blacks get away with crimes more, get lighter sentences, and get found not guilty after admitting guilt. Why is that? Because the justice system favors blacks. Ever heard of cat...morech and release? Go ahead tell me what's what in the justice system. I've actually been down. Have you? And I'm not bragging because I've been to prison. I'm just sick of all this huge lie of black victimization. YOU'RE NOT A VICTIM!
        • ProphetMo-hammed1n parent reply Nice try on your part trying to spread your false narrative. Tell me, would you have voted for Ben Carson? No, because you're brainwashed by the media thinking that dumbacrats are for blacks. Well for your information, because I know you didn't bother to even look up the video I told you to, Lydon B. Johnson, a dumbacrat, was quoted as saying "I'll have them niggers voting Democrat for 200 years." Well he was right about 50 of them so far. How long are you going to make him right? Grow a brain and start thinking for yourself. Why don't you actually research what we say to either substantiate or deny it.
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