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  • justaparent reply Iteach, you are not really getting it. The rest of the world does have their increases based on performance. Who says it has to be tied to test scores? Is there another way to measure performance... yes. Now go back and read my post... this strike is about politics. Doubt it? Then why was the video centered on our governor and the superintendent? Hmm? Shouldn't a state leader care about our schools... I'm thinking yep. As I said, this video is political propaganda, right down to the music. You say, "It is about treating your children as learners and not as profits." You don't do that now when you teach to a test and lets face it the OGT's are a joke. This "strike" would have had more weight (and your argument would have held more water) if the teachers would have said, we want to negotiate how we are evaluated and NOT on how much we are paid. This strike has no noble banner to get behind. The quality of our children's education is this parent's concern. I am not behi...morend a contract that will reward everyone the same. Do you give everyone the same grade? Why not? Yet you want to be paid the same. We tell our children that they should work hard for a grade to get ahead and then teachers turn around and want to live by a different rule. What kind of a model is that? See the problem now?
  • concerned14 reply How does the community remove a unresponsive superintendent from her job when she is failing at responding to the communities needs and questions? Cancelled open houses. Not answering basic questions related to the problems that she initiated. Cancelled board of education meetings? Is she allowed to isolate and just not respond at all? How does the community resolve a failure at the superintendents level?
  • Iteach reply Justaparent I would really like to see what this "large" salary increase looks like in your mind. Because the best of the best would get a 4% bonus ( that is subject to a higher tax deduction). The best of the best are the teachers leading the charge, they are opposing the "large increase" and settling for a smaller step increase. So it clearly isn't about more money. It is about treating your children as learners and not as profits. Besides who determines if a teacher if a is underperforming. In many classes the district and the state can't accurately pinpoint what tests the students are being measured by. Some are teacher created and other are state/vendor created. If my salary depends on test scores, I sure hope my classes are teacher created;) Humm creates an ethical problem don't you think. Teachers are placed on improvement plans if their students' growth isn't to a minimum of 70%, nevermind the district doesn't know how to measure growth. For example a student scored a si...morengle digit % on a preassessment and missed the 70 % mark by a few points on the post assessment. That teacher failed to show growth on that student. LMAO! Almost 60 full % points, is that not enough growth?
  • Iteach reply BuffStud check out the local news or the SERB release.
  • DougBobb reply As a resident of Reynolsburg for a long time, I can say that the BOE. And Supt. Thomas-Manning have been completely unresponsive to those of us in the community. At first I really didn't want to believe there was a bigger political agenda, but the complete lack of interest in what the community thinks is beyond anyhthing I've ever seen. They've canceled open office hours, canceled the next board meeting and don't have any negotiations scheduled. Unbelievable hubris by the BOE and Thomas-Manning.
  • justaparent reply This is indeed politics.... just not the politics presented here. This is the most vile and reprehensible type of emotional manipulation couched as information that I have seen in a long time, right down to the soundtrack. It is not based on facts. It is based on half truths, covered in emotionalism designed to lather the viewer up and give them a distorted picture of what really is going on in Reynoldsburg. The truth is that the teachers never really negotiated their contract. Their big objections were to merit based pay, which would have culled the poor educators by not giving them large salary increases for poor performance. Outstanding and good teachers would have been rewarded. Instead of the race to mediocrity that they are currently promoting. Now who can get behind that ?
  • BuffStud reply In the videos time line, I see, "September 11, 2014, The school board is found guilty of unfair labor practices for publicly discussing teacher contract negotiations." However, I cannot find a credible source for this finding. This video has the appearance of a union hit job all over it. I'm not impressed...
  • Footguy26 reply Shame on the political goals of the Reynoldsburg school board. Who's getting paid now? Definitely not the teachers!!!!!
  • Denab2009 reply Of that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is Mr.GUEST.
  • cjms1025 reply Bravo to the parent who did the research to present what is the truth. Many of us knew this was Governor Kasich's plan all along. He knows he could never have tried his little experiment on a wealthier district. It's the same thing he's done with funneling funds away from public schools to corrupt and poor performing charters. He has no understanding of the issues facing lower income districts and how hard teachers and staff work to go the extra mile to provide a quality education for their students. He is to be pitied. It's too bad the Reynoldsburg community has to suffer through his antics! Retired teacher South-Western City Schools
  • BaronRVH reply Kasich cares about one thing and one thing only, his national ambitions. He will sacrifice children for his insatiable appetite to be elected president. Period.
  • RBaker reply Right "Guest"! You are one to judge the anonymous person who posted this video. Tina Thomas-Manning and the school board are ruining the Reynoldsburg community. I have never been ashamed to be from Reynoldsburg but I am now. So Sad! From: Robin Douglas Baker
  • Guest reply Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that any "anonymous" complaints/accusations etc. don't carry any validity. If you are so well informed, and want to inform others, cowgirl up and use your name...not likely to happen, I'm sure. Again, we have another "hide behind the computer" role-model for our children...and then we wonder why there is so much bullying and cyber-bullying. Have you ever thought that RSD just hires top notch administrators?
  • alex reply @reyburg2014 what issues are people having?
  • reyburg2014 reply For those having issues watching video -
  • sabrinagray reply to whomever made this video.... thank you!!!
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