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  • [ – ] MFKraven reply haha nice! even if I already beat Alan Wake twice you guys make me wanna go back and play it again, did you ever get around to American Nightmare?
    • Willyaygames parent reply I did! Only a little though, I'll have to go and play through it when we finish Alan Wake on the channel.
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply Thank you! I'm really enjoying it so far, maybe I'll have to play American Nightmare on the channel sometime after I finish this one! Have you played it? Is it any good?
      • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply it's a whole lot shorter but just as good in my opinion, also love love loved the arcade game mode to it.
        • robindies parent reply Ooh it has an arcade mode? That's awesome! I haven't looked into American Nightmare too much because I don't want to spoil anything for myself, but from the screencaps and whatnot I've seen it looks pretty awesome.
  • OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply I've got to play Hello Neighbor looks to good not to. Also gotta love Albus!
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