Singing Dicks n shit - Da BoomPod 001

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  • Dos_Gaming reply I like you willy! You're a cool guy!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Great podcast just like a real radio show, music and everything . Jared should move to Vidme, but being a med student is really tough I guess. I hope he has time to for Vidme. WolvenMedic is a her and not him xD and what does BA subway stands for? Lol
    • ProjectKillJoy parent reply Thanks Aiya, and BA doesn't really stand for anything, we were just saying that to so people would know how to spell it. His twitch is basubway.
  • DookisWatching reply Lord WilliMac is back! Ima listen to this while i work tomorrow! #Dicks lmao
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