Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto? | Top 10 Most Asked Boruto Questions

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  • [ – ] Deonical reply I have to ask are you answering these questions for Boruto in the show only and not including the movie and the manga?
    • [ – ] WesternOtaku parent reply Most of the information is a combination of all of it, as well as just basic deductive reasoning. For example, when I come across a question that asks if he can use the Byakugan... there isn't any de-facto source that says he can't, and based on the fact that kids can inherit it from their parents, and since Himawari has it, I can only conclude that he can, or that he will be able to. Whether he does, isn't something anyone can absolutely say. I personally have my own theories, based on a few sources. And I don't fully subscribe to the idea that he's got the tenseigan since the recipe for one is pretty complicated.
      • Deonical parent reply This is true. For the other questions in ur vid, the Boruto movie only tells us that yes, he does have lightening style so its possible for chidori but I doubt he'll ever learn it. He can use gentle fist because we see him use that fighting style for a second against Shikadai during the chunin exams. Everything else you say I def agree. There's just not enough info at this point. And that's the intrigue for me :)
  • [ – ] JimmyDeanRodeo reply I have not watched Boruto ever. Kind of faced palmed myself after I found out that they're making a whole new franchise. I liked how the series ended with Naruto and was ok with the mini series for his son like a what happen afterwords kind of deal.
    • WesternOtaku parent reply I certainly won't hold that against you. I got into it because it was more of a chance to start fresh with new characters and from the beginning of a series and watch as it unfolds. unfortunately I'm also watching Shippudden while I'm watching Boruto, and there's this voice in the back of my head warning me that I'll suffer some sort of overload breakdown before I reach the end if I continue.
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