Feminist, Leftist, Liberal Arts Professors Get What They Deserve

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  • Nikola3006 reply I was instructed here from the Student Room and I'm sorry not to have heard your whole video, but the argument "she got what she deserves" is quite seriously wrong. It is initially wrong to think of the free market as representative of the common good. Especially for more sophisticated matters, individual greed on a collective level will lead to disasters. I meant, it took really dedicated, rich people in the past to fund academics and their altruistic deeds have rewared us greatly " We live much longer, we travel fastly and have easier access to information! Humanities and social sciences offer the way for the next steep. How do we live with technology, how to be achieve a more balanced or satisfied life, how do we best allocate resources! These are all vital questions. Ultimately, I want to show that saying "CHANGE YOURSELF" to this person is not the solution. She's self-willingly chosen prostitution; she is following a dream. Please understand the dream, it is an important one. Las...moretly, I can't really go on to explain all of the problems the humanities have in front of them to solve, as it is too sophisticated to do so in a comment. I can only advise precarious wisdom and try to listen to what the dream is. Give Humanities a try, I'm sure you'll find them worth keeping.
  • DeminicsCircle reply What I think this (*&$@ beef is that she figures economics doesn't apply to the gumbment, wherein people with gumbment jobs make shit piles of money regardless of what it is and what they do, so to her $1000 a semester (where I went to college) to teach ONE class is horse hockey! Meanwhile her instructor buddies are making 40k from day one. Christ this bitch probably works one day a week. What kind of narcissistic piece of shit do you have to be? Go wait some fucking tables! You're not FORCED into prostitution you're just a THOT! Write a book about how empowered you are. Oh right, that takes work too!
  • queenapple reply #love this guy!! You don't understand how important you are to me! I made an account and followed you here. Only for you!!!!
  • RealTalkEricka reply hahaha this is hilarious. I see it with girls 30 to 37. they look at me crazy when i say GO find a husband. go workout, go be nice, dress nice, no tattoos. Nope Nope Nope folks wait until 37 to 40 to get serious. I see it in multiple churches and singles groups. change careers folks, not that hard.
  • The_bad_slave reply provide 144p quality !!!
  • The_bad_slave reply provide 144p quality !!!
  • Admin_ reply Your audio is a lot better on this video, even if your voice is going. Good job!
  • s27fel reply Love you Aaron, subscribed to this app only cuz of you!
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