DREAM VLOG: Anne The Ghost | paranormalauraa

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  • [ – ] DavidAP reply That might be Latin. Not really sure. But it could be. Perhaps you should try to do an EVP in your mother's house. Wouldn't that be weird if you got a response. And it said "Anne" It would be like..."Wha?" shock and surprise. Might be worth a try..lol. Thank you for sharing Laura! I have some really weird ones too. I dreamed I was in a haunted castle being chased by bats once. It was huge! Anyway....take care! 😀
    • [ – ] paranormalauraa parent reply My mam won't let me do EVPs or spirit box sessions in her house haha! But I did find out yesterday that my sister heard a spirit of a woman and a little girl talking in the house. We already know of a little girl in the house, but not a woman... maybe it's related?
      • DavidAP parent reply Whoa..interesting! Very possible. Maybe you had a psychic dream? Maybe the woman was like "I'm here too!" ...lol. She may have been communicating with you. Albeit in a weird way...lol. Perhaps the girl's mother? I just find the paranormal so fascinating😀 Looking forward to the next vid! I hope you're having a great day...take care, Laura!
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