Lloyd & JD Episode 4: We're Forever Blowing Bubbles

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  • [ – ] SarahKellysen reply This is your guys best episode of Lloyd & JD and really great discussion you guys had about the Pride Bus. LGBTQ+ community is a place of acceptance of all people which include straight doesn't matter who you are. Its a place to be completely free and not be judged. Its sad that there is still so much homophobia and transphobia in the world. Growing up in Calgary was really tough for me especially since I went to catholic conservative schools where "I didn't matter" and sometimes I would even freak out the students and faculty and of course my religious family. I honestly got to a point where I didn't think this city had heterosexual supportive people until I went to my school and until I met people in YYCTube! It makes me so happy to hear heterosexual voices speak up about these types of things because those voices matter and there always welcome to any LGBTQ+ event. :)
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