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  • Smiless reply I told a guy who was staring at us that we were professional vloggers We stood in line with him for 5 minutes at the check out aisle good times
  • soulalreadysold reply This channel is so trashy but I love it somehow
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply Stop breaking the law
  • TheCrazyFamilyShow reply Looks like you had fun. Lol I'd lower the volume on the music just a tad
  • [ – ] Bobbert_Salmen reply lol too funny to watch, keep up the great work!
    • [ – ] Smiless parent reply Haha thanks!
      • [ – ] Bobbert_Salmen parent reply I also found you're channel because I noticed the follower for follower rant you had, what was that all about and why was it only 48 seconds of the video and not being longer then that? I'm just curious
        • [ – ] Smiless parent reply The video was only 48 seconds because I like to get a point across quick, but it seems that I have had a few people not understand it too well The point of the video is about people who do the constant follow for follow and how it's very upsetting to people who put work into their videos and all they see is getting followers that do nothing and just want followers back when all we want is too have followers that will communicate with us and leave nice comments like you Hope that clears it up! /)
      • Bobbert_Salmen parent reply plus if you wanna check out my channel out you're welcome to see it, I got a couple of good videos you can watch if you're interested in them
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