Pray the Rosary - Tuesday and Friday - The Sorrowful Mysteries - Powerful Prayers for Miracles

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  • Soldier_Of_The_Cross reply There is nothing here that says what you are accusing it of saying. As for Mathew 6:7, what this means is the form of chanting as is done in satan ceremony., the Rosary is not a chanting, it completes what the Virgin Mary instructed to be done. This is not from the vatican in rome. This has been validated not only by Rome,but by many who are not catholic who were there.
  • [ – ] DontCensorMeBro reply NO MAN CAN RESOLVE YOU OF YOUR SINS!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY JESUS CAN
    • Soldier_Of_The_Cross parent reply in the confessional as a catholic one confesses their sins openly and all the priest is doing is saying a prayer of absolution,it's Jesus that gives the forgiveness not the priest.
  • [ – ] DontCensorMeBro reply This is what GOD's Word REALLY says Matthew 6:7 - But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Also this is what the Vatican really is and who they worship One last thing, This is what the vatican does WAKE UP THE VATICAN IS NOT FROM GOD!! IF you dont believe me then do your own research on these things I posted, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE PROVE ME WRONG IF YOU CAN!!!
    • Soldier_Of_The_Cross parent reply Mathew 6:7 talks of chanting,not saying whole prayers. Depending on what version of the bible you use the word for repetition in some bibles is chanting. You probably use the king james version which is not used by the catholic church. The catholic church goes by the Gutenberg bible which is the oldest bible in the world
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