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  • [ – ] amberthest reply I liked hearing your thoughts on this. It's a really important thing to talk about, and I hope Vidme and creators here can learn from some of the 'mistakes' of YouTube.
    • ZenGamesTV parent reply thanks, i did this video a few days back...i might make another video on the subject eventually, vidme is in its reminds me of youtube waaay back in the day, i hope the site can carve its own identity outside youtubes shadow
    • [ – ] amberthest parent reply And support Creators First, as you said, to stand apart as something different :)
      • [ – ] ZenGamesTV parent reply true, but i think for now vidme should focus on site improvements cause there are alot of improvements they can make
        • [ – ] ZenGamesTV parent reply i dont know if people realize how much vidme has grown in the last two months...ive been observing most content creators that are on the new and trending page joined vidme in the last 3 months and vidme has been around since 2014
          • [ – ] amberthest parent reply Yeah, I wish I had known about something other than Youtube when I started making videos (around 2014) I came over here when I found it because it looks like everything I wanted in a video platform. I feel kinda weird being one of those people coming over from Youtube, but I really do care about Vidme. I'm not afraid of it changing, I just want it to be Vidme
  • The_Mancave reply I'm new here, and I'm hoping things work out here. I still maintain my YouTube page but its getting kinda boring. Maybe because I'm a small nobody. Hahaha
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