Vidme Vlog: 300 Followers The Future of Vidme and The Vidme Villains Minecraft Server

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Congratulations on 300!! I really hope vidme doesn't keep relaying on big YouTubers to bring in the viewers. Like you said we gotta keep spreading the love and this is the best method to growing as a community.
  • AngryAlienGaming reply I feel it dude sticking together is whats needed for smaller community based sites!
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply Congrats on 300 brother
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Look at dat giant me in the background!
  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply Gratz on 300, and cool server,multiplayer servers are fun if active i've been on a couple pretty decent one's over the years as a builder, I hope it goes well for you all :)
  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply Getting ads set up is something only recently I heard about here. I thought that was the big issue with current stuff on Youtube that they're allowing companies to say what they do and don't want their name or brand attached to and it ended up being a real shit show because a lot of things can't be 'safe' making videos we want to make or see made. ..actually that's why I came over here was seeing that ads weren't a thing but still had an on-site way of making tips or maybe subs if you were fine with that. I'm not "well to do" or anything but wasn't planning on making it so big I'd be making a living through it. Currently, I'm on a temporary wait for 2-3 years before I'm allowed to try to work again ( mental issues ) . Even then, not allowed to have full-time jobs and only some days.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply ad revenue has been a subject on here for a while. the whole "safe" thing could be the reason why Vidme doesn't have ad's yet. they were experimenting with something dealing with it some time back but i don't know what happened with it.
    • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply Grats on the 300 followers. :D Lost my train of thought, had other stuff to say but eventually I'll think of it, I suppose. x_x
  • o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply Lol the skeleton is trying to hog all the glory of your video man. Congrats on your milestone Shark.
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