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  • AceAcer2 reply The original flag looks better - now wait till they add a color for "pedosexuals" in addition to the black and brown stripes. The real LGBTQ community will not do that but the special snowflakes one will surely do it. Good thing they haven't made a flag with all the "genders" because there is not enough colors in the spectrum to represent them all.
  • EclipseRanger reply KEK flag for life, fuck everyone else's flags.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Is this their way of accepting Rachel Dolezal?.... I think it is and it should be pointed out EVERY TIME they try to conflate a situation by using the race card (something I have noticed happening on all sides unfortunately)
  • GoMGTOW reply This just confirms our assumptions of the Alt-Left, SJW's, and Islamists hijacking the LGBT and Feminist movement for their own Marxist agenda. This is how sad these people are, I even went over this in my DIY Unicorn video about how these leftists femtards highjack monikers and pervert them for their own agenda because their too fucking stupid and inept to come up with anything original on their own.
  • basic_goku reply 🅱oi💿👌🅱op👌🏽🤣OFF🖕MY🗣🅱ICC🌭AND💊GO↗️GET✔A🏃‍♂️🅱ICTONARY 🔫💯 NI🅱🅱A
  • EplxProductions reply I think this has gone way too far...
  • Aaronshy reply The pedosexual one the way things are going now would probably be white.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply They could add a white stripe, as white is the combination of all colors to represent the constantly morphing fluid genders. Nah, scratch that, everyone knows that white is the most evil oppressive color known.
  • basic_goku reply I also hate blacks my dude.
  • [ – ] skullytmcgra reply Add the cream whit strip so the far left can be happy and trans trenders don't have to cum on it 😂.
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