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  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply What if we are the ones that got trolled by @BrosnanHoban mixing up the types of trolls on purpose??? #showerthoughts
    • [ – ] BrosnanHoban parent reply You guys got me. I was trolling by acting as if I wasn't trolling. Hey it's funny, good for the community and also good for gaining more of a following. And now that I think about about it Fedora, your comment was actually malicious!
    • Kentantino parent reply mmmmmmmmm maybe we did get troll.............by @BrosnanHoban aka: shamu lol
  • [ – ] BrosnanHoban reply Hahaha I love it bro! Great video!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "atleast i know 3 languages how many do you know bruh" AYYYYY!!!! got emmm!!! haha. "do you know who's kentantino" hahahahha. you are such a troll hahaha. where is the diss track!!!??? why didnt you come hit up me and @CrazyRocky for diss tracks we got you bro! im glad you guys having fun like this we done something similar and just had fun. sometimes the community does understand its just fun but great show i loved this and his video was pretty entertaining too (but i preferred yours)
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Did I hear somethin about diss tracks?
    • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply Hell yeah let me know my editor and I where planing but we dont know were to start lol
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply You could have commissioned us! We are free!
        • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply my editor say no ghost writers we keep everything 100 % real lol mc boiiiiiiiiiii! (read that in a wannabe gangster voice)
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Haha nahhh not ghost writer legit feature. Just was kinda joking though tbh.
            • Kentantino parent reply and then if you guys still love me lol we can feature lol man really this so dope im happy.
            • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply me to I'm joking lol hahahaha, but yeah his into it. so we gonna be dissing you rocky and a lot of other people, but like putting easter eggs in the games if you get what I am saying. you will see cant wait to start is gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and really you and rocky are my favorite vidme channels XD so hypeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!1
              • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Yooo thanks for the compliment. For now I need to take a small break from the diss tracks working on something very crazy soon lol. Hopefully in the future we could do some more of the diss tracks and stuff maybe we will but a few there protects take priority right this minute.
  • userXVI reply So Somebody authentically wants trolls on his channel (Your wrong its spelled correctly) and this guy clearly wants "Funny trolls" Ok, Im going to be Civil and I will contribute with some advice. 1. Vidme was once upon a time heavily involved in pirated everything, as in "Watch series online" and this website was a regular result. Vidme was completly different years ago, now my point is, If You want to troll, You have to learn. Vidme is almost certainly owned by a bunch of cool Chinese guys, You have to be very careful not to offend them. 2. this might be a honeypot, assemble the trolls and then ban them all in one go or collect personal information. 3. If some one wants candyman, You have to prove that You are one of us, Make a video of You singing something that will offend somebody, for example sing "Come Be PC" is level 1 "Throw the Jew Down the Well!!" is level 11 or something along those lines. 4. Your understand.
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