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  • insaneonthemembrane reply Excellent video Suit and thanks for introducing Moose and Goose as they keep it real and don't swallow these fucking SJW's bullshit.
  • GlennTheFrog reply Moose and Goose are hilarious!
  • SylvesterSan reply I did some research into Halal and it doesn't seem to be designed to make the animal suffer as much as possible. Anesthesia doesn't seem to be against the religion either.
  • Edgewood reply I'll be honest-I'd help if I could. As to Owl and Fox there... ....That sounds like a con. Even if they seriously want to marry, I suspect it's a con, and that they can get legally married where they are. Ugh, I need a colder place to sleep so I can handle this better-coffee can only go so far. Still a good piece of work, yeah?
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