I've Never Seen So Many Fishes In My Life // Snorkeling in Cabo, Mexico

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  • [ – ] jasonlee3071 reply That reminds me of my snorkeling tour in Cancun. It was misnamed the Jungle tour. Instead of taking us to that we went by boat to a coral reef and snorkeled. It was a memorable experience indeed. Damn. It brings back some fond nostalgic memories of my stay there. Better than Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.
    • redRomina parent reply That sounds amazing!! I just love snorkeling. It's one of my favorite things to do! And Cancun is so beautiful. I'm sure you had a great time. (:
  • [ – ] amandanalex reply Another great video!! No, never been snorkeling. Do you have to be okay at swimming to pull it off? I suck... :P
    • [ – ] redRomina parent reply My mother is not a good swimmer, she always just has floaties or a life vest. If you can get something to help you float then the experience will be nicer. (:
  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply omg I am soo excited to go travelling!!!!!!!!!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply is the plural of fish: fishes or fish? because my friends were teasing me when i used to say "fishes." WOW i would love to see some whales. one of my dream is to go scuba diving and see the coral reefs.
    • redRomina parent reply Both are correct. I'll explain it as easily as I can. You can say you saw 10 fish, but that means you saw 10 fish of the same species. If you say you saw fishes, that means you saw different kinds of fish. Hope that clears it up! I've never been scuba diving but I've seen many coral reefs! 💙
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Oh men how I wish I can travel to different places and experience this :) anyways thanks for a great video @redRomina
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That looks so fun. Such crystal clear water too. I need to go snorkeling some time.
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