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Buyer beware Kudrone is a trap.

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March 3 2017

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Some of you might have seen the ads or been told about this but this is definitely too good to be true. This crowdfunding campaign has a lot of red flags around it and should be avoided because of those red flags. Make sure to share this with anyone who has a history of digging into bad crowdfunding campaigns in the past. Keep in mind footage used here falls under "Fair Use" clause of the United States and issuing a false DMCA in order to censor this video could easily result in a civil suit tying up all funds currently in the United States jurisdiction should a knowingly false DMCA be issued. See OPG v. Diebold, 337 F. Supp. 2d 1195 for what could lay ahead Ruiven if you take such steps. I've also backed this video up on VidMe if this one should go down. Citations for those who need them. Kudrone Indiegogo site: Kudrone Facebook page: Kudrone YouTube Video: Kudrone YouTube channel: Kudrone website: OnagoFly Indiegogo: OnagoFly class action lawsuit: Zano Kickstarter page: Zano final report: OzFPVflyer's comment: OzFPVflyer's YouTube Channel: Kudrone Facebook picture comment: Kudrone Facebook picture: Kudrone Facebook video comment: Kudrone video link (warning it will log you out of facebook): Kudrone 3MPH comment: Kudrone 6MPH comment: Ruiven Indiegogo profile: Ruiven website: Ruiven Kudolo website: Ruiven Kudolo product purchase page: Kudolo convention article: Kudolo convention interview: #Kudrone #crowdfunding #Indiegogo #scam #Ruiven #Kudolo #Zano #onagofly

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