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  • PuzzlesIRL reply AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!
  • cap304 reply Don't listen to anything this child abuser VonHelton says
  • KyleDotExe reply Pretty sure this is at least 97% accurate on how it all went down
  • Torok0420 reply That Was Awesome !!!
  • Narcistego reply Alternative ending: We flash forward into the future and see young people rioting on the streets, destroying public property while repeatedly chanting pro-communist propaganda.
  • AlexAnimatedWorld reply LMAO, I imagined George going into poses like Major Alex Louis Armstrong! LO!!!!
  • deepdea reply Lol great stuff
  • ThePowerUpMushroom reply Immediately subbed !!! Dude this video is fantastic freaking loved it !!! MURICA FUCK YEEEEEAAAAA!!
  • TidBits reply The bald eagle transition, oh lordy
  • ENZERUbebiSTUDIO reply So epic 😂😂😂😂❤️ FREEDOOOOOOOM !!
  • HeroicVillain reply Founding fathers...freedom.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply this is extraordinary
  • Harbinger50 reply hahahaha! awesome.
  • derwingamer2 reply Make more funny anime like this.. #upvoted
  • valereth reply The founding fathers were brilliant men whose ideas have worked astoundingly well but yeah. They weren't perfect.
  • [ – ] crankydragon reply "Poor Richard's Alman-ASS" @ThisisAOK first of all LMFAO! But, why is Benji the perv? lol
  • Sectual reply AHAHAHAHA!!! WOW. You're freaking AWESOME. OMG. God bless the 21st century.
  • kucca reply Ahahahaha this is good!
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I remember this from US History class in high school. Brings me back.
  • Epica reply George is a beast
  • sarah reply good ol adams
  • duffy reply george is a boss.
  • MUMS-Universe reply Autosub Engage , Play-button Attack!!!
  • DarkusTenebrae reply intereting 5/10
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply Indentured servants ARE NOT SLAVES. Sheesh already.
    • MikeMD parent reply Vonhelton is a child abuser:
    • [ – ] Judge_Claark parent reply What are you talking about? Indentured servants were bound to their employers by a legal document stipulating the responsibilities each owed the other, and how long the agreement would last. Slaves were human beings who were owned by other human beings, who had no legal agreement with the owners. You don't really think people with black skin were kidnapped by other tribes in Africa, then sold to traders, who shipped them to America where they were sold at auctions... to be given a legal contract with a time limit on it, do you? You need to read the definitions of slavery and "indentured servitude." Your high school did a crappy job of educating you.
      • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Slaves were in the SOUTH, you dipstick. There wasn't a "South" until after all the founders were DEAD.
        • [ – ] Judge_Claark parent reply You are a simpleton and a fool. You are clearly too stupid to know fact from delusion and are good for nothing but to be pointed at and laughed at to show others how NOT to be. Please tell me more of your version of history.
            • [ – ] Judge_Claark parent reply What does one person have to do with the history of slavery on the continent? Washington was a great leader who set his slaves free upon his death, if I recall correctly. That doesn't make them indentured servants, though. They were slaves who were set free. (I'm going to guess here that you are one of those who think anything on the internet can't be trusted. So I'll challenge you to go to a used bookstore and buy a used book predating the internet, which talks about George Washington having indentured servants but no slaves. Then scan those pages and upload them for our enlightenment.) Thomas Jefferson, also one of the greatest minds of his time, owned slaves as well. He hated slavery, but couldn't afford to free his as he wished he could. In none of his writings does he talk about how he believed indentured servitude "corrupts both master and slave," but he does write those words about slavery...more. When he expired, most of his slaves were sold to pay off his debts. Therefore, by your definition, those people were not indentured servants, but slaves. Also, slavery didn't exist exclusively in the South. It wasn't outlawed in New York State until 1823 or so, if I recall correctly. I'll guess this post is too long for you to read in its entirety, but Please give me all the scanned pages you can from old books backing up your permission. Remember to give complete citations, title, author, year, page numbers, publisher, so they can be confirmed. The Founding Fathers were great men, but there is nothing wrong with saying they participated in the world as it existed in their time.
              • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Jefferson's "slaves" went on a trip to Europe with his wife & daughter. And no, Washington had indentured servants, not slaves. The American Historical Society is who is promoting that garbage.
                • Judge_Claark parent reply VonHelton - I see you uploaded a video "Did the Founding Fathers Have Slaves?" but for subscribers only. Since you and I have been having that conversation under this video, would you be considerate and let me see the video so we can continue our discussion? Thanks a lot.
                • Judge_Claark parent reply Jefferson had over 130 slaves when he died. How many went to Europe with him? And yes, slaves did travel with their owners. The fact that they traveled does not mean they were not slaves. You are making an assertion about Washington and slaves that contradicts all the historical information available. I will believe the enormous amounts of historical information, not an un-backed assertion by someone who says things like "there was no South until after the Founders were gone" (or something like that... i cant remember exactly how you put it). The same applies to your baseless and un-supported assertion about the AHS 'promoting this garbage.' I would love to see you at work 'researching' things like this. It would be better than the Three Stooges.
    • Bodhi88 parent reply Evidence of his abuse to his children.
  • [ – ] JunglesBongles reply only 5% of whites had slaves. 35% of jews had slaves. jews taught blacks to hate whitey of course.
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply ......and 95% of muslims had slaves.
      • MikeMD parent reply Vonhelton is a child abuser:
      • Judge_Claark parent reply 95% of what population of Muslims, and when? 95% of all Muslims in the 18th century? No matter what time period you're talking about, that is statistically impossible per the Pareto principle, which I am sure you are familiar with, being a learned man who is using statistics to back his assertions. You do realize that you are saying that even women and little children in the poorest Muslim families owned slaves, correct? Please give me a citation to this 95% statistic. I looked in google and found nothing to back this up. And frankly, from reading just a few of your posts, you seem to be the type who makes up statistics (and who does so poorly to boot). No, wait, don't tell me. It is the American Historical Society that is promoting the idea that 95% of Muslims are/were not slave owners. Is that it?
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