KimDotCom Seth Rich Statement - Let's All Unite for #SethRich

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  • Angel_Tibbs reply Oh cool the Resistance Chicks!
  • Angel_Tibbs reply Hit'em from the left. Hit'em from the right. Stand up, STAY up fight fight fight! We're Americans first.
  • Angel_Tibbs reply You got it. We Berners knew about Seth last summer, but it took Sean Hannity to put it on the mainstream. 15 million Dems have left the party in disgust and we all read Wikileaks and want justice for Seth. Plus they'd HAVE to shut up about that stupid Russia lie.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Excellent video! KUDOS!
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply "God" "help US!" President George Washington became President with these words, "God", "Help me!" We the people can not do anything less than say the same thing. George Washington knows how to fight tyranny, a deeply rooted in the minds of people and in the "United" "States" in America! Doing the same thing over and over again is insane. "We the people" need to do something the MSM would never do. Appeal to heaven on the "New Media". Each news show should stand out from the pack by saying this during every youtube show they Produce. Remind people that we are different than the MSM we are not arrogant but humble. We don't try to be God by "Appeal" to God. "God, help us!" should be the unifying factor of those who want a Constitutionally foundation of government. "God, Help US"! At one time the secret symbol was a fish. "GHS" God Help Us! Simple Secret symbols, words, ideas seem to unify, solidify people.
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