Conversations Bros Can't Have Part 2

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  • [ – ] hsoj95 reply This was a great second part to the essay you read! I honestly don't have much to add, as you made some great points in the video! One thing I will point out as an interesting observation. She says near the end that Social Capital is bad, effectively. This is a uniquely Anarcho-Communist position, as what I learned in my sociology class favored Social Capital as a justified and necessary need for everyone. However, this viewpoint came from the more traditional authoritarian Cultural Marxist view on the subject, not the anarchist view she uses in the essay. I find this separation of views interesting. For the overall article, unlike the Sargon one I linked to on the previous video, I don't honestly feel any more well informed because of it. Not because of your reading and dissecting of it, but because she ultimately failed to really make a legitimate point of what she was trying to argue. Her constant contradictions and overly verbose vocabulary only added to the confusion, ultimately,...more in my view, just muddying the waters further. Great reading on your part! I would love to see you do more of these style videos in the future! :)
    • imterrybull parent reply She doesn't say its totally bad. It's just only good as a tool to raise minorities to your level or lower yourself to theirs until everyone is equal. At that point it'll be obsolete. Which is absurd haha. And yeah, it's a huge word salad supreme. I seriously had to take a break from reading heavy stuff for a while, bro haha. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comments!
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