YouTube #Censors and #Demonetizes: War on #FreeSpeech

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  • [ – ] DrVirtualSeven reply They try and stifle free speech and self expression it never worked in their favor i see an implosion taking place.
  • DrVirtualSeven reply In the existence of you tube these advertisers never had issues with creator content there is a larger picture to all this this includes the internet privacy sell out what is included in predictive restricted mode beta testing ran by the CIA who has executive board members in facebook youtube paypal and ebay and we think all this is last minute concerns of the advertisers- cabal media.
  • RobertWM8 reply YouTube Is a joke..
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I really think this is the wrong way to go about what's happening on YT. Once you realise they can do what they like on their platform, just like Vidme (and this seems to be a concept many people find extremely hard to comprehend), you either comply to their rules (no matter how absurd they seem to you) in order to use that platform or suffer the consequences. And this is definitely NOT stifling free speech or self expression as expressed by @DrVirtualSeven (good point btw), no-one is forcing you to stay on YT. Put simply, if you owned YT right now, who is more important, Advertisers or Content Creators. The latter is not filling up your Lamborghini.
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