8 Mainstream Media Lies About President Trump

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  • SourdoughGeek reply I would share this with all the people I know who still buy into all this, but I think most (all?) of them are just too convinced by the adjective soup used in every news report about Trump. After the election they were all posting their support for their preferred group(s). Because some seemed so scared I posted links to video of Trump pleading support or showing the full context of his words. None were convinced. Not one. From one fearful on behalf of the LGBTQ I received in reply to a link I posted, "That is a comically low bar. Tragically low. The idea that opposing the murder of citizens by a foreign power (though not from domestic forces) deserves credit is borderline offensive." Maybe I should have found a better example than one of Trump pleading to defend people from a foreign ideology, but with that response I think anything I posted would have been shot down.
  • Queer_Bird reply he may not hate gays himself, but he sure hangs out with a lot of people who hate gays
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