Kernow Free Speech number one

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  • [ – ] TheBigWhiteVan reply How did idiots discount differing opinions before they had "Hitler"? I've come across enough references to suspect that Oliver Cromwell and Louis XVI both had time in the limelight as pre-Hilter Hitlers. I don't know of any contemporary instances of Adolf Hitler being compared to either of them(or whomever the boogeyman of the time might have been), but I think I'll have a look to see what I find. In general, the title "King" seemed to have served a similar function in most societies with a semblance of representative democracy. Julius Caesar and (US President) John Adams are prominent examples. The unimaginative "-gate" naming convention, sadly, appears to have largely supplanted an earlier tradition of referencing political malfeasance in doggerel poetry. Reading up on the 1884 US Presidential Election (Blaine v.s. Cleveland) is a good introduction point to this largely forgotten art.
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