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  • [ – ] charlie reply How do you teach a cat to do that?
    • cowahbungadude parent reply get a treat that you cat enjoys eating and start slowly by having the cat touch your hand with its paw and then giving it a treat. so when you start you may need to phsycially put the paw on your hand(which cats hate) and always reinforce the command word when doing it such as high five! Cats generally like to reach for a treat with their paw if you hold it over their head so thats what i would do. hold it over their head so the cat had to reach for the treat so when they did this i said high fie and gave them the treat. slowly keep working that process of getting the cat to reach for the treat with their paw and you will probably need to move your hand to their hand and just be sure to reinforce the command word and giving the traet when their paw touches your paw and eventually they will learn to high five
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