German Candy Review: Fritt Taffy #2

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Comedian James Gregory once said if you look at lemon candy, it'll usually say made with imitation lemon. Go pick up the furniture polish and it says made with real lemon. We're eating the fake stuff and putting the good stuff on the coffee table. Actually, I think he said that about lemonade instead of lemon candy, but it applies here. First thing I thought of when you described how lemon candy usually tastes lol. Loved you're enthusiasm over the strawberry. Can definitely tell it is your favorite flavor.
    • November_Fox parent reply I've never heard of James Gregory, but I will look into him. However, what he said does sound like something we would do in America. I'll be sure to let my wife know how much you enjoyed the video.
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Looks yum.
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