Tea with Mags | Holiday Decorating and Wish.com

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  • KiraKennedy reply My mom's been buying a lot of stuff from Wish over the past year. She says it's been really hit & miss in terms of quality, but she'd been somewhat satisfied with what she'd gotten... mainly because she'd been paying less than $5 for everything... though the physical shipping has been an issue for her on multiple occasions with some items coming MONTHS after they were supposed to (she bought some squeaky toys for my Grandmothers dog for Christmas last year... but they didn't show up till March). With all that being said: after hearing your opinions on the site, I'd definitely want to try it out & see what I can find on wish compared to amazon. As for the Holiday stuff... I've never been a fan of Holiday decorating either (particularly putting up the tree at my parents house the last few years... my mentality is "it's a headache to put up & a pain in the ASS to take down after a month"). I think the stress of putting it up was always my reason behind it. Hell, the last few years my lit...moretle brother & I have done the bare minimum of setting up the tree with a few cheap dollar store decorations. I even told myself that when I eventually have enough to live on my own, I'd probably just set up my own tree, with only a topper like a star or an Angel just to save time & space.
  • thy_koosk reply I do have one of those consoles (not from Wish.com though... The controllers are wireless and small so you'd have to by the original controllers on eBay or something). Also be careful with that phone case! It might have chemicals in the liquid that can burn you if it breaks! It happened to a few people already and I don't know if the liquid can burn you or not through a camera or not.
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