Beer Season Review: Irish Honey Ale - The Brew Monks

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  • [ – ] NoFormalTraining reply And now I have Bugs and Daffy arguing in my head over which season it is, and they both think it's Beer season! :)
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply I'm not the biggest fan of the can.. Others look a lot more fancy.. this one just seems real simplistic for me..
    • TheBrewMonks parent reply I liked the colors on it, but I couldn't tell what it actually was! In retrospect though I can now see it was a dam... but until I read the can it made no sense.
  • [ – ] Furiousredheads reply Do you guys sell beers? :D i am belgian, but i don't like our blonde beers, the darker the better 3:)
    • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply No sorry we don't sell them, just make them and drink them and share our experiences with you fine people! Now you got me wanting a stout! lol
      • [ – ] Furiousredheads parent reply no problem i was just wondering maybe something for in future ;) brewing your own brand, or giving a bottle away to the 100th subscriber. a stout (belgian :D) yeah we have allot of beers but never tasted beer with honey, sounds really good!
        • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply That is not a bad idea Furious! Noted! And yes, beer with honey is always excellent, it is like Beer + Mead, crazy good.
          • Furiousredheads parent reply I am a big fan of scotch whiskey's, single malt.. tomintoul or something was great, laproaig. i drinked last newyear a bottle of 450 euro's from 1967.
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply As I read honey I was sure about the color :) and I was right :) heheh. I am heading right now to "Celebrate"hope to find something I saw here hehehe :)
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